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Break The Cycle USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to eradicating commercial sexual exploitation, human trafficking, domestic abuse, and poverty in the United States. Utilizing the media and technology as a vehicle for change, we strive to heighten awareness and educate our community on crucial social issues. Our mission is to break the cycle through education, technology, legislation, advocacy, and community outreach while partnering and assisting other organizations and shelters that are serving these communities, children, and families in crisis on a daily basis.



We support nonprofits and organizations that understand the dynamics on transforming communities, families, individuals, and youth that have been affected by dangerous and unpredictable surroundings. Via select effective partnerships, shared information, and pooled resources we are able to increase agency impact and ensure sustainability. These environments have caused limited resources that perpetuate a cycle of violence, commercial sexual exploitation, abuse, poverty; in addition to, lack of education, stability and emotional intelligence. 


Break The Cycle USA partners with community impact partners such as schools, churches, conscious companies, and other nonprofits to provide: clothing, funds, food, classes, programs, beauty/care packages, and other specific needs specifically tailored to each shelter and community partner. We work with local police and federal agencies to make an impact and are focusing on legislation change. Without proper laws and regulations in the U.S. justices cannot be served to protect the innocence. We are breaking the cycle.

Did you know Backpage was on three continents trafficking people?
In 2018, Break the Cycle co-authored amendment H.R. 1865 of the FOSTA/SESTA Bill which provides restitution for victims who were exploited on the website Backpage.  Watch the video presented to congress here


Through our collaboration with other industry professionals, our community events and projects support healing and regrowth. Our hope is to engage all individuals and communities by joining our efforts to end all forms of abuse and neglect. 

Our partner agencies provide a continuum of programs ranging from outreach, access centers, emergency shelters, safe havens, transitional and permanent housing, and prevention along with the necessary supportive services designed to provide the tools and skills required to attain a stable housing environment and regain self-worth. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner please contact us at

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