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Break The Cycle USA serves as a community partner and liaison in sponsoring programs and projects throughout the year. With a special focus on young ladies, we provide workshops for young people to ensure they discover their own self-worth, self-efficacy, and acquire a high level of self-respect. Our workshops revive, renew, & rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Each session stimulates the creative genius within, blossoming into a new spirit that gains perspective of self, others, and life. We teach life skills and trades that promote economic empowerment to show women how to be self sufficient. These programs and projects cultivate a life filled with positive energy, potential, and promise. 


All of our workshops focus on empowering our clients to gain independence and self-worth through learning to perfect their craft. At every workshop we  host a survivor speaker to share their experiences and successes. These motivational speakers show our clients that they too can overcome and have bright futures of their own. We give our clients the tools to turn their passion into their very own business. Workshops range from 3-9 months.

Create with magic journals

Through our sewing workshop we provide sewing machines to families living in the Santa Maria Shelter. Clients design and create their own products using the sewing machines which are then sold at local boutiques. All the proceeds from sales go back to the clients. When each client completes the workshop they are gifted their very own sewing machine! ​

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Journals are distributed to clients to "create their own magic". These journals are used as an outlet to express their feelings, write poetry, and document general thoughts. At the end of the workshop, each client takes their journal with them to look back and reflect at how far they have come and what they have learned.

Vision Boards
We create vision board of goals and future wishes at the beginning of the workshop. At the end, everyone reviews their  vision board and acknowledges what has been accomplished over the past months. 


Flower Arranging
Clients learn the art of flower arrangements and create beautiful centerpieces. 

Holidays & Special Occasions  

Christmas Wish Lists 
Break The Cycle USA adopts families and provides gifts chosen from their family wish list. We fulfill wish lists for 200 families referred to us by Community of Faith, Serenity House, Sarah House, and Santa Maria Shelter.

Toy Drives 

In partnership with Tour of Hope Toy Give-A-Way, we host toy drives to help sponsor hundreds of kids receiving toys, relieving parents of the stress and pressure from the lack of resources and bring holiday cheer to the lil’ love of their lives.

Beauty Bags & Toiletry Kits
In the Greater Houston Area, we distribute hundreds of beauty bags, men's toiletry kits, blankets, toys,  gift cards, and miscellaneous basic needs to vulnerable populations to guarantee a happy holiday. 

Prom Initiative 

In partnership with Houston Independent School Districts and Project Beautiful, we provide beauty bags, prom dresses, and shoes for young ladies attending the Prom each year. Our goal is to make them feel special and comfortable in the dress of their choice on such a monumental day. In 2019, we provided over 400 prom dresses and 100 brand new shoes for teens in the Houston area. 

Annual Mother's Day Luncheon 

We celebrate mother's with a beautiful Mother's Day lunch and  provide each mother with a tote bag filled with beauty products and goodies. 


We provide hundreds of Easter Baskets to families at the Santa Maria Shelter.

BTC-USA Prom Initiative

Break The Cycle USA aids and adopts local shelters to provide funding for community events, celebrations, birthdays, proms, and holiday parties. We strive to make our families feel special throughout the year. 

Sponsor Sessions, Forums, and Town Hall Meetings 

These gatherings allow us to bring awareness to the thriving sex and human trafficking industry. We open people's eyes to the reality of how close trafficking is to their own doorsteps. At these events we gain allies in parents, teens, community leaders, educators, politicians, law enforcement, the faith community and survivors. As a united front we are able to save, protect, and demolish this modern day slave market.

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jacquelyn aluotto speaker

Multimedia Camp 

Through our Multimedia Camps for Middle & High School Students we provide mentorships to at risk and vulnerable youth. Students ages 9-18 are paired with experts in their chosen talent to perfect their craft. Break The Cycle USA Founder, Jacquelyn Aluotto, and multi-talented team members, teach student specific curriculum at schools and churches. 

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