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Trafficking Campaign

This 7 part campaign was created to explain what it would take to create awareness of human trafficking on a national level. With a specific focus on Texas and southern states, the campaign is designed to take 7 years with the end resulting in communities understanding the reality that this is happening in their own backyard. 

The average lifespan of a child in the life of human trafficking is 7 years.  Sign the petition to help Strengthen Anti-Human Trafficking Laws.
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  1. We partner with celebrities and athletes who will become brand ambassadors who will then participate in PSAS & other videos. 

  2. We partner with schools and churches to create an education on how to identify what human trafficking is and how it is happening in their community.

  3. We change legislation federally and locally.  

  4. We create panels and foreign discussions.

  5. We partner with conscious entities that raise funds to create safe havens in Texas, and across America, for human trafficking survivors. These safe havens will provide beds, trauma therapy, trauma informed care, advocacy, and addiction recovery 

  6. We help make survivors dreams become a reality by changing their pain into purpose. 

  7. By changing the narrative we show the world what a real survivors looks like. We document the whole experience with a documentary to distribute to the masses.

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